Our Coaches guide activists on what and how to post. 

Activists can copy and paste our suggested captions onto an Instagram/Facebook post. Using our suggested content and our suggested photos is optional. If you plan to do a straightforward copy/paste and post, it takes 10 minutes each day. 

As you consider joining us, here's a brief of what we'll be posting about each day. This is simply the overview (more photos and captions will be provided in our daily 3am coaching email). We share the overview here, so there are no surprises on the topics we'll share daily. 

DAY 01. Making aware the victims of human trafficking in Nepal.

Each activist will announce they are participating with a goal to raise a certain amount of money for Our Daughters International - the organization that we're fundraising for.  This non-profit organization recovers thousands of victims each year. We will share how this is done, primarily with rescues at the border of Nepal-India. 

DAY 02. Victims can become survivors. 

Our Daughters works endlessly at the border crossing points at Nepal-India to identify victims. If their staff suspects someone is a victim of this crime, their training allows them to successfully interview them to confront it, and then bring them to safety. The workers at the border stations are trained similarly to how nurses, truck drivers, and flight attendants are in the United States. Our fundraising efforts sustain the work at the border stations. 

DAY 03. Adopting survivors as our daughters.

Girls that have been through physical, emotional, and sexual trauma need support, love, and time to heal. Our Daughters has two safe homes and a training center that can house up to 100 girls in Nepal. Here, the girls receive counseling, health assessments, and care from an experienced and loving team. They become daughters and discover they have worth and and identity. 

DAY 04. True stories of freedom on July 4th.  

There are hundreds of success stories about girls who were once victims, to survivors, then daughters, and now leaders. During the campaign, activists will choose one of many stories to share. We believe this day will be a day that will prompt many to contribute to each campaign. How we are thankful for our own freedom, so let's do something to help others live free also.

DAY 05. Gender based violence in Nepal needs to be addressed. 

In the culture of Nepal, girl children have little worth compared to a male children. Girls are at great risk of being sold off, while boys are supported to stay in school. Our Daughters International works to change the mindset of the great gender inequality in Nepal. 

DAY 06. Training daughters to become independent and successful in society.

Our Daughters International provides continued education, job development training, and grants that enable the daughters to establish their own micro-business. This is imperative to preventing the girls from being trafficked all over again. Rescuing is important, but if girls are sent back into the same place they were before, they are still vulnerable to being trafficked. Adopting survivors as daughters means they are raised up that they will thrive independently.

DAY 07. Daughters are becoming leaders for the next generation.

Many of the daughters go back into their communities as leaders and anti-trafficking advocates. They are radically breaking the chains of poverty and gender inequality. Each activist will share a story provided by our coaching team.

DAY 08. Daughters are overcoming their own past at the borders by rescuing victims. 

Have you ever been in a hopeless place? Then someone pulls you out, tells you it happened to them too, but their life now a testimony that there is hope. This is what Day 08 will be all about! Some of the daughters are now leaders at the border stations. The love they received compels them to love those who were once in their shoes.


DAY 09. Let's support job creation by purchasing survivor-made goods.

Our Daughters International partners with Elegantees, a NYC based fashion brand for women. The business directly impacts nearly 20 women who sew the clothing. July 9th happens to be the founder's birthday, and she's going to give profits from every order this day to the campaign! The amount raised from sales will be announced at the end of campaign.

DAY 10. Last day to donate to this campaign!

We'll summarize the work of Our Daughters International from finding victims, rescuing them as survivors, adopting them as daughters, and raising them up as leaders. We'll announce this is the last day to meet the goal. Anyone who has been feeling led to donate, will be able to make their donations.


We'd love for you to join us as an activist for 10freedays from July 1-10.