JOIN US MAY 1-10, 2020

We're raising support for Our Daughters International. This non-profit organization was started by a Nepali man who was deeply troubled by what he saw in his country. He took a step of faith, and it's grown to effectively rescue and restore. 

Ramesh Sapkota, Founder/President of Our Daughters International, with staff in Nepal. 

Since 2009, our partners have counseled over 100,000 girls at their border stations between Nepal and India and over 10,000 have been rescued and restored.  Last year alone, nearly 17,000 girls received anti-trafficking counseling and approximately 900 of them were saved from being trafficked.  An additional 100 girls were rescued from hotels in India where they were being groomed by traffickers to be sold throughout the world.

But there is more work to be done. Thousands of girls are still getting out of the country of Nepal. That's where you come in. 

How you can help.

Participants of 10freedays will post onto their social media account at least once per day during the campaign. Each post will be guided by the coaches of 10freedays for easy participation. Activists choose their own personal fundraising goal, they'll share the link to give, and donors make tax-deductible donations. 

Passionate about fighting trafficking?

This is an easy campaign for 10 days! At 3am each day, we'll email you visual and verbal content to post onto your Facebook or Instagram for each day. Copy/paste our words, edit to make it more heartfelt from you, then share it with your personal link for your followers to donate.

3 steps to participate:

  1. In 1 minute, join by filling out a sign-up form.
  2. In 10 minutes, create a fundraising page.
  3. In 10 days, post on social media to encourage friends to donate to reach your personal goal.

Activists will share about the work in Nepal.

Our Daughters International is changing lives in Nepal. Activists will focus on one topic each day, and with each post, they will share their fundraising link. As you reach your goal to raise $300, you can post live updates on how far along you are. 

Together, we will post about a new daily topic. Our favorite topic is how daughters are overcoming their past by rewriting the future for victims - they are working at the borders to intervene. To read about the topics in detail, read the Overview.

Plan for 10 minutes each day.

Our Coaches will send you a daily content creation email to you during the campaign at 4am eastern time. This allows you to set aside 10 minutes each morning to post. If mornings are rushed for you, the afternoon works also. 


Your Coaches

The 10freedays team is led up by Katie Martinez and Pinky Chan. They created it while having dinner, catching up on life. Katie expressed desire to do more with @elegantees, her clothing brand that employs nearly 20 women in Nepal. Human trafficking is a big problem in Nepal and she's been tackling it through providing employment. But with hundreds on a waiting list to work for Elegantees, and with thousands trafficked out annually, Pinky and Katie decided to get creative, dream big, and execute the dream now. We are confident if Our Daughters International can staff all border stations at Nepal-India, they will eliminate human trafficking from Nepal! Can we do this together? Yes!



We will be adding some frequently asked questions/answers to this page soon.